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Old Fashion

Old Fashion the idea of vintage, second-hand or rental clothes as a fashion trend is nothing new. But as the market for these items grows, stylist Rujana Cantoni and photographer Lera Polivanova want to shed light on the value of these pieces and encourage people to think more critically about what they’re purchasing.

Old Fashion ’90s trends

Old Fashion '90s trendsThe ’90s saw the rise of new styles as people sought to express themselves through their clothing. Some of the most popular trends were inspired by music and movies, as well as by everyday life.

Another popular trend was tie-dyeing, which was done by folding a piece of fabric and immersing it in different dyes to achieve a unique pattern. This was especially popular with teen girls and young women.

Leather bomber jackets were also a big hit, often with dice, playing cards or pool balls on them. These were often paired with jeans or a denim blazer.

Wallet chains were also popular in the 90s as a way to secure your wallet. Originally used by bikers to avoid long pants that could catch in their chain, this trend was later embraced by teens and hip-hop lovers alike.

This look was often paired with a faux fur coat to add a touch of edginess to your outfit. It was a great choice for fall weather, especially when paired with a pair of leather boots or white heels.

’80s trends

The ’80s were all about big hair, big clothes and lots of accessories. Volume was the trend and women went for simple waves or big loops of curls, whereas men opted for more bold styles such as mohawks.

Despite these extreme trends, the ’80s also saw people wearing more subtle fashion items, such as taffeta and neon colors. Asymmetric aesthetics, oversized blazers and poof skirts were also popular in this decade.

In terms of makeup, the ’80s were all about intense colors and a lot of eyeshadow. Bold lip color and bright blush were also common.

Another important fashion trend in the ’80s was animal print. Many celebrities sported leopard, zebra, tiger and giraffe prints on everything from leggings to dresses and sunglasses.

Branded clothing was also a trend in this decade, thanks to Coca-Cola and Jordache collaborations. Logos from brands like LA Gear, Puma and Converse were a common sight in this era. They also made sneakers and high-tops a staple of the 1980s style.

Old Fashion ’70s trends

The ’70s were a time of big bold colors, low-maintenance fashion, and low-slung hippie-inspired styles. Colors ranged from jewel tones in fall/winter to pastels and white for summer wear.

One of the most iconic ’70s trends was the flare jeans. These pants flared from the knee down and were a staple of the decade thanks to the likes of Cher and Jane Birkin.

They look super flattering on the leg and pair perfectly with a fitted t-shirt or a 70s-inspired blazer for a chic outfit.

Flared jeans are making a comeback this season, so add them to your rotation!

Another trend that made a big impression on the ’70s was shearling coats. These came in a wide variety of colors and materials, and often were made with real animal hides instead of synthetic ones.

Other ’70s fashion favorites included the midi skirt and knee-high boots. These pieces were ideal for daytime and evening wear, and paired perfectly with a pair of platform shoes for a dramatic effect.

’60s trends

During the 1960s, women were encouraged to play with their clothing and express themselves through exciting, eye-catching styles. Whether you were going for the “Beatnik” look with black-and-white colors and tight suits or trying out a mod leather skirt suit with psychedelic prints, this groovy decade was full of trends you can still wear today.

Another trend that grew in popularity during the 1960s was the beehive hair style. Both men and women adopted the look, which was characterized by longer hair pinned to the head in waves that followed the contour of the hair.

In addition, hair bows became a fashion accessory, and many women wore their hair pulled back into a bun. Other popular hairstyles included eyebrow brushing bangs and a hippie look with short hair and unkempt facial hair.

The ’60s also introduced acid dyes into clothing, introducing a new vibrant color palette for women’s clothing. These bright colors were a huge change from the previous decade’s more conservative color palettes.

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