Healthcare pharmaceuticals

Healthcare pharmaceuticals

Pharmaceuticals are an essential part of the healthcare ecosystem. They create fulfilling jobs, drive medical progress, and support global economic growth. However, their chemicals also pollute the environment and contribute to biodiversity loss, antimicrobial resistance, and climate change. The pharmaceutical industry develops and sells medicines to cure illnesses, vaccinate against diseases, and relieve symptoms. But …

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How Dams Affect River Health

How Dams Affect River Health

Dams change the environmental conditions in a river health, altering pressure, temperature, oxygen levels and dissolved chemical and physical properties. This impacts the species and their habitats that live in a river. Fish species whose migration is blocked by dams are not able to reproduce and decline in population. This can have a negative impact …

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Bruce Willis Health

Bruce Willis health

Bruce Willis health who starred in blockbusters like Die Hard and Pulp Fiction, has been diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia. But he is still in great spirits for his health. Aphasia, a communication disorder that affects over 2 million people in the United States and Canada, is one of the main symptoms of this rare condition. …

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Celine Dion Health Suffering From a Rare Neurological Disorder

Celine Dion Health Updates

Table of Contents   Celine Dion health during the past few months, there have been numerous speculations about. She was recently announced to have been diagnosed with a rare neurological disease, which may keep her off the stage for some time. According to Claudette Dion, her sister, she is working hard to fight her illness. …

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Christina Applegate Opens Up About Her Health Journey With MS

Health Journey With MS

Health Journey With Multiple sclerosis (MS) is an autoimmune disease that can affect people of all ages in health. Symptoms can include numbness, weakness, or pain in one or more limbs, tremors, electric-shock sensations that occur with neck movement, and problems with vision, balance, speech, or mobility. Christina Applegate revealed in 2021 that she had …

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