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Chalmers University Of Technology

Chalmers University of Technology located in gothenburg, Sweden, conducts research and education at an international level. With 3,100 employees and 10,000 students, it offers education in engineering, science, shipping and architecture.

The research infrastructure at Chalmers includes everything from advanced real or virtual labs. Large databases and computer capacity for large-scale calculations. It also generates financial surpluses that, over time, form part of internal base funding.


Engineering is a vital part of the global economy and supports a sustainable future. With a master’s degree from chalmers university of technology, you can gain the tools to meet this challenge. Help create a better world.

In a world battling issues such as water contamination, unsustainable energy use. Rapid urbanisation, civil engineers play a crucial role in developing infrastructure to support a safe. Economic and sustainable way of life. This master’s programme aims to give you the qualifications to start a career in the field of infrastructure and environmental engineering.

Learn to build the communications systems that will underpin a connected and interconnected world. Using advanced methods and technologies to design digital solutions. Become skilled in the latest programming languages, algorithms and computer security. Develop your skills with real-world industrial projects and industry representatives. Preparing for a long and exciting career in a dynamic field.


The field of architecture and urban design is a crucial part of our society. With graduates needing to be skilled in many areas from design to engineering. This programme provides you with the knowledge and skills to practice professionally in this sector. Emphasising a research-oriented approach in order to anticipate future challenges.

Throughout your education, you will learn to work in close contact with real projects and a wide range of stakeholders. You will also have the opportunity to engage in research at an advanced level, which can lead to PhD studies.

As a student at Chalmers, you will be part of a culture that dates back to 1829 and is packed with exciting events and activities. With hundreds of clubs and societies to choose from, you can have fun and adventure while developing your talents and learning new skills.


Business is a term that covers a wide range of activities. Generally, a business seeks profit by providing goods and services that people want or need. However, businesses can experience a loss and still be considered a business.

At chalmers university of technology, you will learn how to create value and take responsibility for the development of your ideas. Through real-life innovation management, venture creation and action-based pedagogy, you will be in the driver’s seat while learning how to manage the complexity of technology-based business.

The Master of Entrepreneurship and Business Design program at chalmers university of technology is an intensive course that offers a life-altering learning experience. Through an action-based pedagogy that allows you to work with both simulated business scenarios and real technology innovation projects, the programme will enable you to thrive in a competitive global market.


Founded in 1829, and located in Gothenburg on Sweden’s west coast, Chalmers University of Technology conducts research and education within technology, science, architecture and maritime engineering. Our global vision is to develop a sustainable future.

We design our design programmes for students who have an interest in working on a wide range of challenging problems. They can utilize their skills to design products and product service systems in various contexts. The programme focuses on user-centered approaches, sustainability, and a holistic systems perspective on product development.

The programme is unique amongst design programmes in its solid theoretical foundation encompassing state-of-the-art design theories and methodologies and underlying basic theories about humans, form and technology. This provides students with a strong base of knowledge and the ability to absorb and contribute to this rapidly developing field through their own work.


Education at Chalmers university of technology combines a world-class academic environment with an unmatched social atmosphere. We are a modern, vibrant university campus in one of Europe’s most unique and beautiful cities.

The university offers 30 undergraduate programs, two technical base year options and 40 graduate programmes. They cover subjects in the fields of technology, shipping, architecture and education.

Research and innovation is a key aspect of education at Chalmers. It is reflected in our international rankings, and we are ranked among Europe’s top universities in all engineering disciplines.

We also have a high reputation for our collaboration with industry. For example, we are the coordinating institution for the European Union’s largest research initiative to bring graphene innovation into commercial applications and we are leading the development of a Swedish quantum computer.

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