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Blue Summer Nails

Blue summer nails are the perfect summer look. Whether you’re into pastel shades that nod to spring or want to rock a dark cobalt that feels moody. There’s a blue manicure for every style!

Light blue ombre French tips are a classic look that’s both sophisticated and feminine. Add white glitter accents to this look for a fun twist that’s great for a beach vacation.

Blue Nails with Flowers

Blue nails are having a major moment, and these pretty designs show off the trend in all its glory. Whether you prefer pastel shades suited to spring or brighter hues that nod to summer. There’s a blue nail design for every style. These gorgeous manicures incorporate flowers, butterflies, and other sweet details for a fun yet refined look.

If you’re feeling bold, try a dark royal blue and white manicure with gold leaf accents on the french tip for a sleek and sophisticated look that’ll turn heads. You can also adorn your digits with cute little daisies for a charming and romantic aesthetic. That’s perfect for springtime and garden parties. Or, opt for a more abstract look with this set of adorable blue nails featuring swirls and dots that’ll add a touch of flair to your outfit.

Embrace your artistic side with this dazzling blue and white manicure featuring watercolor-style floral centerpieces. These intricate and pretty designs are sure to impress, making this blue nail color trend one of the best options for a summer wedding or other special event.

Elegant Floral Designs for Stunning Blue Nail Art

Classic light blue and white French tips get a fashionable upgrade with these rad flowery embellishments that scream cool girl. The simple yet stylish design will elevate your look and get you compliments from your entire friend group.

If you want something a bit more elegant and sophisticated. OPT for this navy blue manicure with an elegant floral design on the nails that’s perfect for formal occasions. This gorgeous look will make you feel polished and ready for anything, from a job interview to a fancy dinner.

This stunning blue nail look features a mix of blue and silver glitter for a glamorous effect. You can achieve this dazzling look with regular polish. You can use gel nail art kits to get the same results.

If you’re in a hurry, this quick and easy blue flower nail art will have you looking stylish in no time. Simply paint on a clear base coat, then add a few small blue dots and white lines to the tips of each fingernail. Then finish with a top coat and a q-tip soaked in nail polish remover to wipe away any mistakes.

Blue Nails with Stars

If you’re looking for a way to show off your patriotic pride this Fourth of July, try a blue manicure featuring stars and stripes. This look is both classic and modern, making it the perfect choice for any occasion. The iridescent effect on these nails is also a great way to add sparkle and shine to your summer looks.

Light shades of blue can also be paired with silver for an elegant and sophisticated style. This combination is perfect for a formal event like a wedding, or even just a night out with the girls. You can draw the silver designs on your nails yourself or purchase pre-drawn nail stickers to create a quick and easy look.

For a more casual and fun style, try using polka dots or negative space on your blue nails. These designs are super cute and can be easily changed to match your mood or the season. You can even choose a blue shade and spice it up with rhinestones or glitter of different colors to create a completely unique look.

Sparkling Blue Nails Adorned with Shimmering Stars

Another way to add a pop of color to your blue nails is by adding flowers. You can paint your whole nails with daisies for a cute summer look, or just use the design on one finger to add a little more flair to your outfit. For a more sophisticated look, you can use a dark blue shade with flower designs for an upscale and glamorous look.

Light blue shades are also a great option for summer because they evoke images of beaches and oceans. These nails paired with white accents and a floral design make them the perfect choice for a romantic date night or a special summer event.

Bright blue nails are the epitome of summer and can be worn with just about any outfit. This bold look is easy to recreate and will definitely be a head-turner. To create the look, simply use a white base coat on your thumb and pinky fingernails, then apply a bright blue polish to your second and fourth fingers. To add a touch of glam, use gold nail art on the tips of your third and fourth fingers.

Blue Nails with Swirls

Blue swirl nails make a bold and unique style statement that’s perfect for summer. You can use any shade of blue to create the look, from light pastel shades like baby blue to rich ocean tones. There are also many different types of swirl designs to choose from, including mix and match tips, block patterns, and even french tip styles. No matter what type of blue nail polish color or design you decide to wear, there’s a great chance that you’ll turn heads with your eye-catching look.

If you want to add some extra flair to your blue nails, consider adding a flower design. You can add flowers to all of your nails, or just a few of them like this beautiful manicure by @basixnails. The blue and white daisies really pop against the clear nails, and they’re sure to get you lots of compliments.

You can also try a blue and white marbled nail look to achieve a similar effect. The deep blue shades of the marbled manicure look stunning against the pristine white nail polish. This style is perfect for anyone who wants to add a touch of luxury and elegance to their look.

Mesmerizing Blue Nails Embellished with Swirling Patterns

Another type of blue and white nail design that’s worth trying is a simple black outline on your clear nails. This simple look will make your nails stand out and it’s easy to recreate at home. Just paint your nails with a clear base coat, then add 7-8 small white lines in different sections of each nail. Then, paint over the white lines with black nail polish. Make sure to have a q-tip nearby to erase any mistakes.

Swirls are another popular choice for summer nails, especially for people who love to show off their creativity. You can do a simple swirl on your ring finger, or go all out and add them to your accent nails. You can even combine two different types of swirls on each nail to create a fun and unique look.

Blue swirl nails are a fantastic way to show off your personality and style this summer. They can be elegant and sophisticated for formal events, or they can be playful and cute for everyday looks. No matter how you style your blue swirl nails, you’re sure to turn lots of heads this summer.

Blue Nails with Disney-Inspired Artwork

Blue summer nails are a fun way to show off your love for all things Disney. Whether you’re an admirer of the elegant Cinderella look, or prefer the more whimsical adornments of Princess Tinkerbell, there’s a blue nail design that can suit your tastes.

The iridescent blue polishes that are currently on trend look stunning as a base for this manicure. Which features a simple silver glitter accent. The pale pink tips add a softness to the color that balances its intensity. This nail art design is so pretty that it’s perfect for a wedding or any special occasion.

A striped French manicure is always a classic choice for a blue shade. If you want to take your look to the next level, opt for short baby blue acrylic nails with a sugar sprinkle effect. This look takes us right back to our childhoods and will surely turn heads when you wear it out this summer.

Enchanting Blue Nails Featuring Delightful Disney-Inspired Artwork

If you’re a fan of the LA Dodgers, this blue-and-pink nail design is a great way to show your team pride. The light blue gradient paired with the marbly swirls of the MLB logo on clear nails elevates your fandom to a whole new level.

You can’t go wrong with a Disney-inspired manicure, especially when it comes to Mickey Mouse. For a bold look, you can get a portrait of the iconic character painted on your nails. Choose a more subtle option like polka dots. You can also go for a more exotic approach by getting your nails done with black-and-white zebra print or other wild animal designs.

If you’re a big fan of the animated film Raya and the Dragon, then you’ll love this cute nail design. The dotted tiaras on these nails are so cute and will definitely make you feel like a princess when you wear them out this summer. You can even opt for a more muted version by choosing a dark blue base coat. Simply adding the floral pattern to your fingertips. Either way, this is a great look to wear to your next Disney movie night.

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