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The Indian Beauty Blog

Whether you’re looking for the latest beauty trend or want to know about makeup and skincare routines, the Indian beauty blog is the place to be! Here, you will find honest reviews and tips from top bloggers on the go.

These influencers are a key part of the online beauty community. Their devoted followers turn to them for guidance on all the products, and services they need to look their best.

1. The Indian Beauty Blog Mehad Sagar

The indian beauty blog makeup beauty fashion lifestyle is a collection of blogs that are all about the latest trends and ideas in the world of makeup, skincare, and more. Some of them are geared towards a general audience, while others are specifically aimed at Indian women.

One of the best things about these blogs is that they often focus on different skin tones and what works best for them. This makes them a great resource for any girl who wants to know the latest beauty trends and how they can apply them to their own unique skin tone.

2. The Indian Beauty Blog Deepica Mutyala

One of the most popular Indian beauty bloggers, Deepica Mutyala is renowned for her videos on makeup tricks. She makes learning makeup application techniques seem like a piece of cake.

She specializes in dusky skin tones and loves playing up Bollywood style looks. Her tutorials are a must-watch for anyone with this shade of skin, and she also provides great tips on how to make makeup last longer.

She is a beauty blogger who focuses on simple and do-able makeup looks for women of all ages. Her easy to follow tutorials and unfiltered social media posts are a hit on her blog, Instagram, and YouTube.

3. WiseShe

The beauty blog WiseShe is a leading platform for many Indian and international beauty bloggers. It offers a vast range of articles on makeup, fashion, baby products, and travel.

It has a lot of helpful and informative content that helps you solve your daily beauty related issues. It’s also provides constructive product reviews that will help you choose the right product for your skin type and budget.

This beauty blog also offers tutorials that will teach you how to apply various cosmetic products. You will find a range of tutorials on face makeup, eye makeup and lip makeup.

4. Akanksha Redhu

Akanksha Redhu is a Delhi based fashion & lifestyle blogger who has an impressive following on her blog & social media pages. She began blogging in 2010 as a means to record her ideas, projects, inspirations and daydreams.

Since then, her blog has grown to be closely surrounded around the six spectrums of fashion and lifestyle with generous helpings of beauty, events, travel, media and shopping.

She is one of the top fashion and beauty bloggers in India. Her grid is half curated, half personal and authentic with a sun kissed vibe to it.

5. Anishta

Anishta is an Indian beauty blog and beauty vlogger that combines fashion and lifestyle into her content. She covers the latest trends in the industry as well as her personal experiences and philosophies.

Her vlogs and videos focus on beauty tips, tutorials, and makeup product reviews. She is also a travel blogger and has collaborated with a number of high-end brands.

She has a huge following and is one of the top Indian beauty vloggers on YouTube. Her vlogs and Instagram posts are an inspiration to women all over the world.

6. Shreya Jain

Shreya Jain is one of the most influential makeup gurus in the Indian beauty industry. She is an avid blogger and YouTuber who has a huge following on her personal social media accounts as well as her official ones.

She covers a wide range of topics including travel, fashion, and beauty. Her content is relatable and empowering to her followers.

Her philosophy is that beauty cannot be achieved without proper self-care. She has a large following on her YouTube channel for her videos on skincare routines, tips and tricks for applying makeup, and more.

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